How to set default lifecycle stage to "subscriber" on new form entry


On our website at, there is an offers and promotions tab on the right hand side. This is tied to the Forms API for a new visitor to sign up for our offers and promotions newsletter email. When a user signs up their lifecycle stage is set to “subscriber”, but then in the same minute, the lifecycle stage is changed to “Lead” (See screenshot). The form has a hidden lifecycle stage step added and the API sets the stage as “subscriber”, but the system keeps overriding it and setting the individual to “lead”. Any help is much appreciated.


@jomanson are those form submissions creating the contacts? Or are they getting created separately before the form submission? Form submissions will automatically move a contact from a subscriber to a lead, and you’d need to include the lifecyclestage field set to subscriber in the form submission to prevent that from automatically changing. If you’re already including that field in the form submission, do you have an example contact record I could take a look at to see what’s happening with that record?


I believe that the form submission is creating them as they are not already in our database. Here are 2 screenshots. One showing the forms and the second showing a contact and their stage changing from subscriber to lead


Here is the second image:


@dadams I uploaded a few screenshots and responded to your questions. Let me know what you think about the lifecycle stage not staying as subscriber.?


@jomanson can you send me a link to that contact record? Or your Hub ID and the email address? I’d need to see the data for that record.


@dadams here is a link to the contact:


Thanks @jomanson, looking at that record this looks like a problem with the form submission data.

Form submissions need to use the internal value of the property, and the lifecyclestage subscriber value is subscriber (lowercase s). Looking at the form submission, it used Subscriber (capital S), so that value was treated as invalid. Contacts created through a form submission default to lead for the lifecyclestage field, and since the provided value was invalid, that record was switched the valid default value.

If you switch the form so it’s using subscriber instead this should work for you.