How to set source campaign for contacts created from Offline Source > Integrations Platform?


We have a custom integration set up that creates contacts in our Hub portal. When looking at the source report for contacts created via Offline Sources > Integrations Platform, all of these contacts appear under "Unknown campaign". Is it possible to set this campaign explicitly using our integration?


To clarify, this is the section of the sources report I am referencing. Trying to avoid "unknown campaign" - would rather set this campaign name myself from the integration.


Hi @cc2,

Can you give me an example contact record in your portal? I believe the third drill down should be set to your app's appId.


Sure, here are a few contact IDs: 11726701, 11866751, 11936451

(Doesn't look like the third drill-down is set for any of these)


Hi @cc2,

Can you also give me the Hub ID of the portal you're working in? vids aren't unique between portals so I need to log into the specific one you're working in to see these records.


Whoops, HUB ID is 4099792.



Hi @cc2,

This is very strange. Is you custom app using your hapikey for authentication, or does your app use OAuth? If you're using OAuth, can you send me your app ID?


OAuth. App ID is 61534.


Hi @cc2,

Was this example contact created via the Timeline API? It appears that the Original Source properties can be updated differently depending on how exactly an app created them. The example I created in my portal (using the Contacts API) showed the Original Source properties I would have expected (Offline Sources, INTEGRATION, appId). It seems like contacts created by the Timeline API update the Original Source properties in a different way (Offline Sources, INTEGRATIONS_PLATFORM).

I've brought this to the attention of the relevant product team. We're doing a lot of work on API consistency, and I imagine this will likely fall under that umbrella of work to be done. While I don't have any timeframe at the moment, I'll post any related updates in this topic. Let me know if you have any questions in the meantime!


Yep, these contacts were likely created via the timeline API. Looks like I'll just have to send over some campaign source information as part of the event properties for now. Thanks for the update.