How to set up environment and use Contact API




I am newbie,
I need to retrieve a list of contact and need to submit a list of contact to hubspot using API.
Could you please help to guide me:

  1. How to set up environment to develop
  2. How to use contact API.

Thanks and Regards


Hi @ngdinhuyen87,

Happy to help:

  1. I'm not sure exactly what you mean by this. What kind of environment are you looking for? You can create a developer account here if you plan to create an OAuth app or need test accounts separate from your production account, but you can also directly modify data in your production account with an API key.
  2. We have detailed documentation on the Contacts API here and the Contact Lists API here. If you want to retrieve all contacts within a list, use a GET request to this endpoint. If you wish to create a group of contacts, send your JSON data in a POST request to this endpoint.

If you have more specific questions, let me know.


Hi Isaac,

I have my own CRM software, It's completely separate from Hubspot. So, I want integrate my CRM to Hubspot with 2 ways (view, read, update, delete).
For example: I create a button to get all contact data from Hubspot. When click that button, it automatically call hubspot API.
I do not how to do and where to begin.

could you please help to guide me.
Thanks and Regards



I will not be able to walk through every step of the build, but I can provide general resources relating to HubSpot's APIs.

You will need to have your button make a request to your server, which can then add authentication to the Contacts API. You can GET all contact records via this endpoint.

In this way, your "development environment" will be however you push code to your own server, as HubSpot APIs do not support CORS / AJAX requests.