How to set up universal links in hubspot for iOS?


I’m trying to set up iOS deep linking for apps (universal links). In order to do this, apple requires us to host a static json file at See apple documentation:

I uploaded the apple-app-site-association file using hubspot’s file manager, but the closest option I could get for a link is
Using hubspot, how do I make the url be ?

Note: My question relates to this, FTP access limited permissions, but even if I use the suggested FTP client (Fetch), it will not let me upload to the root directory.

This question, which is asking the same thing, was never answered:


Hi @rlegrand,

This isn’t possible with HubSpot-hosted domains because it’s not possible to host files at the root directory. That said, I can totally see the use case here. I’m happy to pass this along internally, but if you have the inclination I would encourage you to check out the Ideas Forum on the HubSpot Community. There, you can create a post including your use case that product and other customers can see.

FTP access limited permissions
Upload file in Root Domanin

Hi @Derek_Gervais,

Thanks for the response. I added a post to the community:

Please note my suggested solution at the end: you could give us access to the /.well-known/ folder, without needing to give us access to the root folder.


Hey @rlegrand,

Interesting use case you brought up. I’m with, a mobile app analytics platform that connects apps to HubSpot.

We’re currently working on a deep-linking feature for our integrations. I’d love to chat with you more to learn about your exact use case and see if it fits into our product.

Adam Hass


Hi @Adam_Hass,

Thanks for the response. Looks like a pretty interesting product! Right now we’re trying to use deep linking with our current setup and existing app, and I don’t think it will work with another 3rd party service. Please keep me posted for when you do have support for deep-linking, we’ll definitely re-evaluate then.


Sounds great @rlegrand! Good
luck on your project.

Adam Hass
Founder / CEO
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