How to set up workflow to sync up recent modified contacts?


We want to sync up recently modified contacts using “workflow” + “webhook”. For example, we want to get recently modified contacts to be always synced up into our DB.

However, I have a question about setting the workflow. What should be the enrollment condition and goal of the workflow?

I tried to use “last modified date > certain day” as the condition to enroll, and the “last modified date is more than 1 day ago” as the goal of the workflow to unenroll the contacts. However, it doesn’t work the way I expect.

May I ask what should be the right way to achieve this?


Anyone can help me??


Hi @richard,

I would recommend looking into our Webhooks API. It’s a bit more complicated to set up than a simple workflow + webhook, but it’s built for this exact purpose and is far more robust:


Thanks, Derek.

I tried and played around webhook subscriptions. However, it seems I cannot subscribe on “lastmodifieddate”:

It said when I create a webhook subscription: “You can’t subscribe to the lastmodifieddate property change”

How should I create webhook to get the recently changed contacts?


by the way Derek. I just realized the webhook will only send the changed property value.

I want to sync up the whole contact obj when it has changed recently. Can I achieve this by using webhook subscriptions?


Hi @richard,

The webhooks API allows you to subscribe to specific property changes, but there’s no limit to the number of property changes you can subscribe to (other than specific properties that have no webhook subscription). You could subscribe to all available contact properties if you wanted, and would get only the updated property values instead of the entire contact record. If you needed to sync the entire contact object frequently, you could instead poll the ‘Get Recently Modified Contacts’ endpoint: