How to share date between CRM and HubSpot?



We are currently using one CRM system(not HubSpot CRM) which has completed API written by PHP, we are going to use HubSpot to share the data with CRM now, the data including clients information etc. May I know how to make this happen, kindly advise on this please!


Hi @William

We have a guide for creating a CRM integration with HubSpot here:


Hi @dadams, thanks for your information, I have read the article through the link, but may you please provide more details like some examples for my reference?

Thank you in advance.


Do you know what data types you’re planning on syncing with HubSpot? Any examples would be included on the documentation pages for those specific endpoints you’d be using (i.e. we have an example for creating a contact in the doc for the update contact endpoint).