How to show Update property in Deal Timeline?



We would like to create timeline events for property updates on deal records based on API form submission.


Hi @Himalayanglacier, when a contact submits a form, this type of update appears on the timeline of the contact:

Is this not what you'd like shown?

If not, you might want to try using the Timeline API to create custom events when a form is submitted. For the timeline event to get created properly, you may be able to subscribe to the number of form submissions property (num_conversion_events) with a Webhook, which would send all of the contact's data to your specified URL. After, you'd then be able to filter out which properties you want sent back, and then create the Timeline Event.


I am talking about Deal Timeline (Property update notification) Please check below image.


Hi @Himalayanglacier, that's not possible at the moment very easily. You could again use my described method of creating a custom timeline event using the timeline API for for those specific deal properties by subscribing to a change on those properties via a webhook. You'd then firing your Timeline creation event based on the data you get back from the webhook. Webhooks and Timeline events can be used on contacts, companies or deals so my suggestion above would still apply.

Happy to pass this idea on internally if you explain your use-case for this? I'd also recommend posting in the ideas forum: