How to Speed Up Page Load Time w/ Multiple Tools


We’re a Hubspot Agency Partner ( and we use multiple tools for our client’s Hubspot sites. On those sites, we use tools like Google Analytics, Google AdWords retargeting script, Facebook pixel, a chat tool (Olark), SumoMe, Outbrain conversion tracking script, etc.

My question is, how can we load all of these scripts without slowing down our Hubspot site? Would loading them into Google Tag Manager fix this problem?

Do you think if Hubspot created a tag manager-like product, that the scripts would load more quickly?

  • Gregg



HubSpot uses Akamai as a Content Delivery Network to help mitigate the issue of having a heavy content load. They specialize in network acceleration tools and delivery digital assets/resources from different points then the source code and then assembling them client side.

Are you witnessing poor performance on a specific domain of yours?