How to suppress "Automatically create and associate companies with contacts" via API?


My instance is enabled to "Automatically create and associate companies", which we like 99% of the time. But, when our API integrations are creating companies and associating those companies programatically, we do not want Hubspot to help by creating new companies for these new contacts because it introduces duplicate companies.

Is there a way to suppress this behavior when creating a new contact via the API? I have tried providing the companyId on the Contact record when creating the Contact, but the API does not honor that information and I end up with extra companies.

I cannot rely upon these contacts having an email address that matches the company domain, otherwise we would just let the automatic creation do this work.

My process first checks to see if the company exists, if not then create it. Next, I check if contacts exist and create them if needed. Lastly, I am connecting these contacts to the company I created (or located), but between the Contact creation and the Company association, Hubspot has already created a new Company because of this global setting.

We would like to leave this global setting enabled, but I need to disable it in this process. Thanks for the help.


Hi @dataops,

It's not currently possible to disable the automatic company<->contact association for particular sources (e.g. the API). Is it possible for you to adjust your process to allow the association to be made automatically, and then correct the association if needed?

For example, you could start by creating the contact, then checking the association made. If the association is valid, you can skip creating and associating the company (and skip having to check if the company already exists). If the association is wrong somehow, you can correct it however you need (delete the company, create a new one, break the association, update the newly created company with your info, etc.)


I explored the scenario you are suggesting but it will not work for our purposes for reasons I won't elaborate here because of the specific nature of my upstream requirements and limitations. We will have to live with the duplicate companies or we'll need to introduce a reconciliation process. Thanks