How to sync orders? Is there any way to get my orders from my website to hubspot crm?


I want to sync my orders data to this crm? What's the method to achieve this?


Hi @ashna_ali,

There are a number of ways to sync order information to HubSpot; the method you use will depend on how exactly you're trying to store the information. I've included the documentation for the APIs most closely related to this goal; check them out and see which will best solve for your use case!


Hi @Derek_Gervais,
I'm working on same ecommerce bridge api. I'm facing issue in sync contacts. It gives me error when I set ecomm_synced value to true. It's read only value. Is there any way to sync my contacts with ecommerce api?


Hi @ashna_ali,

I'm not sure I'm clear on the process here. The ecomm_synced property is automatically updated when a particular contact is updated by the ecommerce sync. Can you give me more details on what exactly you're trying to do? Are you sending sync messages that aren't working, and if so can you give me an example?


When I create line item. it gives me error
"status": "error",
"message": "Must have scope DEAL_LINE_ITEM_WRITE",
"correlationId": "b041587b-fe52-4b7a-93cd-a025650bda36",
"requestId": "e7d59c2c3c226938584302bb17d81cc2"


i remember i had similar (or maybe same) problem a while back and i simply gave up. i need it for my injectable steroids website and ordering them. please update if you do find some answers as i'm interested as well.


Hi @ashna_ali,

Are you using the Line Items API or the Ecommerce Bridge API? What is your Hub ID? What scopes is your app requesting (if you're using OAuth)?