How to sync the Deal Currency Code through Ecomm Bridge API




I am trying to sync to the "deal_currency_code" deal property which is auto-generated by HubSpot when multiple currencies are enabled. Through ecomm bridge API I am passing the ISO value of the currency- "USD" or "INR". But it does not get populated when the deal is created. Also, the settings for ecomm bridge are correct for "deal_currency_code" property.

I am passing the value as a string. "currency_code" is mapped to "deal_currency_code" using the settings API.
"propertyNameToValues": {
"currency_code": "USD",
"dealstage": "processed"
In the drop down the internal values exist too. (INR, USD)
Does the currency code require any special treatment?



@dadams Still awaiting response.


@dadams Please ignore the above issue.
We did not add the eCommerce settings to the right app from which the deal was synced.
currency_code is syncing fine through eComm bridge API.