How to test features disabled in trial account



We are working on integration with HubSpot and found some features like Campaigns, Workflows are disabled in test portal.
Is there any sandbox environment to test the above features?
Please let us know the alternatives.



Hi @Saravanan90

Workflows can’t be enabled in a test portal, but you can still build a workflow and manually test a specific contact.

If you’re looking for example data for email campaigns and events, there is data you can pull from the demo portal:


Hi @dadams, Thanks for your quick reply.

Is there any credential to login into the demo portal or it only returns response for API calls alone.

The reason being to view the email campaigns on the web page instead of an API response.

Though we can build a workflow and test contacts, the Workflow API doesn’t return data when we try to get workflows that contact is currently enrolled in.

Also using the Email Events API, we get a sequence of events for all emails. How to identify campaign mails from the list?

Kindly clarify the above queries.

Thanks in advance.



The demo portal is primarily designed for API testing, but there is a generic user login that you can use to access the portal. The credentials are on this page under Authentication and Accounts

Email events can be pulled either by a specific campaign, in which case all the results would be for that campaign, or by recipient, in which case you’ll get all events for a specified email address across campaigns. If you’re pulling events for a recipient, each event will have a emailCampaignId, which could be used to get the details for that campaign.