How to track contact Page Views with Single Page Application?


I know this question has been asked before on the forum, but the customer service people from HubSpot asked me to create a new thread here…

We are trying to set up tracking for our Angular SPA. We used the angulartics hubspot plugin, which uses the “_hsq.push([‘trackPageView’, path])” endpoint. However it doesn’t seem to work at all: only the first pageview is recorded and then nothing happens as the user switches routes.

I quote HubSpot support here:
"After much discussion it was determined that tracking SPA may be possible as of today, but if so it would be very custom and would require the assistance of a member from our development team."
“I would recommend submitting an entirely new query to the forum, requesting assistance from our developers. I’m afraid we do not support the API’s through this support channel but my colleagues and other users on the forum would be best placed to help you with this in the fastest possible way.”

Hope that someone can help. Thanks a bunch.