How to track CTA submission for CTA with type "Web Address" with Submit Form API



I would like to ask is it possible scenario like this:
We are using Call-To-Action (CTA) with “Wen Address” which is in our website. When user visit CTA “Wen Address” there we have form. If user fill and submit that form, we are submitting form data to Hubspot through API call. When we do that, the counter of CTA “Submissions” is not increased. We would like to increase that counter even for “Web Address” instead of using “Landing pages”.

So, Is it possible and which is the parameter that will handle that “hsCtaTracking” to Submit Form API ( which we are using to increase that counter: ?

If not, please give us an idea how to have CTA submissions when we are using “Web Address”.

Thank you!


Hi @dadams and @pmanca
Can you please take a look at my post above and tell me your opinion about the topic?