How to trigger a call from hubSpot to CRM?


we are planning to integrate HubSpot to MS Dynamics CRM.
One of our requirements is to transfer new contact details created on our website , using HubSpot form, from HubSpot to CRM .
The API’s available, allow us to pull data from HubSpot but there is no option to make HubSpot push data into CRM.

Is there a way to implement such solution ?
Can we customize the form code somehow to call external service which insert the data to CRM?


@taligazit You can create a webhook on a new contact creation that will send the data to your server to handle and put in MS Dynamics.



I have a - more or less - similar question.

We’d like to integrate Hubspot to the app we use to get our client’s feedbacks.

The filling of a contact property in Hubspot would trigger the filling of another field in this external app, which would then send a push notification to this contact (asking him to fill a form or else).

Would that be possible through an Hubspot API (Hubspot would then work as a caller, not a listener)?

Many thanks,


Hi @AReynaud,

Yes, the webhooks API Peter mentioned above is exactly what you’re looking for.