How to unset a property


We’d like to remove a property from a deal.
eg we have created prop_1 = 0 under deal 1.
we would like this prop to no longer show up under that deal.
(this prop should still be available for other deals where it applies)
we’ve tried setting it to null, however it still shows up.
we’ve also tried deleting the property and re-adding it,
however that does nothing (the prop is not deleted under the deal if you remove the property)
any insights appreciated


Hi @laruellef,

You can set the property value to a blank string ("") to clear out any value in that property. However once a property is given a value for a particular record, that property will continue to appear in the object even if the value is cleared (i.e. set to "").


ok, tks Derek,
if I delete the property alltogether,
will it ever be removed from the object?
if so, when?


Hi @laruellef,

Deleting the property will immediately make the property inaccessible via the HubSpot UI or API. Outside of that, the property values on the object will remain indefinitely (unless the object is deleted or the portal is purged).


Is this still the case? I'm working on an API integration and need to fix a handful of property values on thousands of deals. Ideally, we'd like to unset them. For string properties I could try " " or "n/a", but what about date properties?


Welcome, @jrummell-elite!

Yes, this is still the case.

You can clear date and datetime-type properties by passing a blank string: "". I just tested and confirmed in my own account:


  "properties": [
      "property": "custom_date_picker",
      "value": ""