How to update page content via the API


Are there any examples of how to update page content via the API? While it is pretty straightforward to update properties like the name or slug, I am having trouble updating widgets.

If the retrieved page object looks like this:

{ "id": 5003111481,
   "name": "Page Test",
   "widget_containers": {
       "wizard_module_6942099579096154318": {
           "widgets": [
                  "body": {
                      "widget_type": "rich_text", 
                      "name": "wizard_module_-6083027123657618878", 
                      "is_widget_block": true,
                      "no_marker": true, 
                      "extra_wrapper_attrs": {}, 
                      "org_tag": "widget_block", 
                      "html": "Something Powerful", 
                      "label": "Rich Text", 
                      "parent_widget_container": "wizard_module_6942099579096154318", 
                      "no_wrapper": true, 
                      "overrideable": "true", 
                      "content_editable_values": ["html"], 
                      "smart_objects": [], 
                      "type": "rich_text"

What arguments do you pass to PUT /content/api/v2/pages/$pageid to change the text in that widget, which currently reads “Something Powerful”?


@maractwin there is an example on our docs!


I’ve seen that example. It does not include any widget_containers, and that’s what I’ve discovered I can’t update. It looks like widgets disappear from the container if I don’t include them correctly, and I’m having trouble figuring out how to include them.


Hey @pmanca,

How can I create pages using template and custom modules using API ?
Is there any way to create custom modules using API .


@Amit_Kumar Next time please start your own thread. You can create templates through the API.

Right now there isn’t a way to just create a module through the API.