How to upload attachments/pdf to a timeline event


Hello All,

The requirement is to upload documents related to a deal or company or contact. For eg:

  • Sales order document to be uploaded which needs to go against a particular deal
  • Invoice document that needs to be go against a company

I believe this needs to go into their respective timelines. I can see files can be uploaded into Hubspot but how do I upload it to the timeline?

Thanks in advance.


Hi, @lekha.

Happy to clarify.

While it's possible to create timeline events on contact, company, and deal records which contain links to the files or PDFs you have uploaded to HubSpot (or another content platform), these files will not show up as nice attachments on the timeline like the screenshots in this article.

If you want something like that, I have good news — the files will appear on the timeline and it's easier to set up in your app than using the Timeline API:

  1. Upload the desired files to your file manager using the CMS Files API.
  2. When successful, the endpoint above will return a file id which you can then use in the next step.
  3. Create NOTE engagements on the desired contact, company, or deal record with the file id in the attachments array.
  4. If done successfully, your app will create notes with files attached to them on any contact, company, or deal record timeline. These files will also appear in the record's Attachments card, as shown in this article.


Thank you Issac! I think I will use the CMS Files API to upload a file and create a note with the file id as an attachment.