How to use a workflow to update a deal property with webhooks


I want to use webhooks to trigger in a workflow; so that when a contact property is updated it will transfer the value of that contact property into a deal property.

I was reading the documentation, and it said that OAuth 2.0 with a hubspot app would be the way to accomplish this. The instructions on setting up an app that links to the CRM portal are not very clear to me though. Any information on how to accomplish this would be greatly appreciated.


@AlexW Have you heard anything about this? Have you figured it out? I would LOVE to know how to update deal properties from workflows. It seems like a gaping hole in the product.


@Jeff_Bell Nope, I’ve had a lot of conversations with people on Hubspot about it and they said there was no way to accomplish this with the current built in functionalities. I have talked to some other developers about this problem too, and they suggested a work around using Google Sheets. You would have to store the contact data from Hubspot into the sheet and associate the property from the google sheet back into a Hubspot deal. I just hope that they add some way to do this in the future without having to do some crazy work-around.