How/Where can you see all activites for the week ahead?


I am using the free version of Sales CRM for purposes other than driving deals through the sales pipeline. My question is how do I get a view/page/report that details the week ahead showing scheduled calls, tasks, emails and meetings? This is a very basic thing really. The application does not have a calendar so I am using the Google calendar but that functionality is only for meetings.

Any help or ideas appreciated,


@Chatis Have you tried looking in the tasks tool? You can apply different filters for what time you want to see the tasks for.


Peter, thanks for the response. Tasks does not have scheduled meetings as an option anywhere. It has calls, emails and todo’s - and only those that are set up as tasks.


@chatis you are correct, Right now the meetings will sync up to your google calendar. You can use the tasks to show the other type of engagements for the week ahead.


Anyway of getting a list of all activities you have for the day/week/month? Seems like a really simple thing. They are all in the system.


@Chatis Our meetings object at the moment is not part of the normal Engagement object so at the moment there isn’t a way to get a list of meetings and tasks/emails/to-dos on one screen.