_hsenc parameter issue


Im using smart contents in Hubspot landing page. one of the smart contents rule is; It is designed that someone submitted leadflow, he or she cant open the Hubspot landing page, instead sorry page appears

I tested this sequence.

  1. Submit Hubspot leadflow in PC
  2. Open the guide e-mail and click the link leading to Hubspot landing page in Mobile
  3. Check the smart contents rule;
    After submitting leadflow, if the lead tries to open the landing page, sorry page should be appeared

The trouble happens in 3rd stage.
The person submitted leadflow in PC and checked the e-mail sent to him. and he clicked the link in Mobile.

My Question is;
Hubspot should recognize mobile and PC user as same user. because _hsenc parameter function as identifier and _hsenc parameter in CTA link should recognize them.
But, this is not working now. The parameter does not recognize the mobile and PC user.
So, we have some trouble in progressing workflow.
I would like to know why this issue happens.

Thank you in advance.


Hi @Ha_Taegyu,

Can you give me a link to the page that this lead flow appears on, and an example contact record that experienced this issue, so that I can do some further testing?


Hi Derek_Gervais,

This is the sequence

1. (PC or Mobile) Make a form submission (Hubspot leadflow) in the page below(When you scroll down, Pop up window asking e-mail address appers); https://www.titleist.co.kr/golf-balls/velocity-test

2.(Access by other device) Open the subsequent email

  1. If you visit a link in e-mail, Hubspot form should be appeared.

Trouble : In 3rd stage, Hubspot form does not appear. Instead, Sorry page appears.

Thank you in advance.


Hi @Ha_Taegyu,

I submitted the lead flow on that page a number of times while testing this, but I didn't ever receive a follow up email. Is it possible that I ended up on a suppression list of some kind? I'll need to receive the email in order to examine the behavior of the _hsenc parameter.