HTML Embeddable Form Code



We're testing a new tool for our optins and were wondering if you could help us. The API integration seems to work well with emails but it doesn't import anything else. Thrive Leads suggested that we integrate the form via your embedabble code... However, Thrive leads doesn't recognize the "script" you use for forms. Is there any way we can convert your scripts into divs? Or something that would be recognized by different tools.



I just spoke to Thrive leads and the HTML form that Hubspot gives us is a JavaScript script to generate the HTML form. But it doesn't work in conjunction with the Thrive Leads element. In order for it to work correctly, we will need an actual HTML form instead of an HTML form generated by a script.

Can we get that done?


Hi @carla_lodgify,

HubSpot forms are always generated dynamically via the form embed code; there isn't an HTML version that can replace the form embed code. If the embed code can't be used in your case, you could create your own custom HTML form and submit the data to the Forms API: