HTML Newsletter Template Won't Allow Edits



We recently rebranded and the designer created a newsletter template for us. However, whenever I put it on HubSpot it won't allow me to edit the text, it is essentially just like a picture. I spoke with HubSpot support but this was their response:

"This would be the way this template is built. The designer would need to add more code to make this editable each time you want to create a new email or you can edit this text from the template itself and then clone it each time you want to send another email. However I would not really recommend this as it can get very messy having to go into the HTML code each time you want to send an email campaign out."

The designer claims he can't edit it as he created it on MailChimp and it is quite a complicated template so we are struggling to rebuild it with drag and drop in HubSpot.

Can someone direct me to where I can find code to enable this template to be edited? I only have the HTML file so I can't add it on here as an attachment.

Thank you so much!


Hi @Lucy_Moffat,

In order for a custom HTML template to be editable by users from the email editor, it would need to include custom modules. If the template is just static HTML, there won't be any editable fields. You can check out the following resources for more info on adding modules to custom templates: