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Hi guys,

We have written an integration with HubSpot for our app which makes use of our mutual customer’s hapi keys from their profile. Late last week, we found that our requests are being blocked by the HubSpot servers and we are receiving an HTTP 403 error for the requests we’re making, which previously have been working perfectly. We changed our user agent string, and it started to work again immediately.

We contacted support, but they told us they cannot help with the API and to try and come here. Can you let us know why we would be getting this problem please? We have many mutual customers who lost a lot of data because of this and we don’t know what to tell them, as we can’t think of a reason that our user agent would be blocked.



Hi @marcf

Did you happen to log the full response of those 403 responses? Can you message me directly with the details of a specific request or two that you saw those 403 errors for, including the full URL and the full response body if you have it? User agent isn’t something that we normally filter, so there may have been something else causing this.


Thanks - sent you a message with that info!


@marcf, @dadams

I am having the exact same problem. My integration uses the blog-posts end point with a GET request. It has been working fine for 6 months, and now today I am getting 403 responses. Where you able to figure out your issue? (this same request works fine from another server, so I am suspect that my server got blocked somehow)


@mattpamos can you message me directly with the same details for a request where you received a 403 error? This is likely a separate issue from the original post.


PMed, Thank you for the help!


@dadams On November 4th this problem started occurring for me. I can confirm using httplib2 from Django fails with the 403, but the same endpoint contacts/v1/contact/createOrUpdate/email/:email work with cur.


@mhp are you still getting those same errors at this point? In both of the previous cases in this thread the issue was temporary. If you’re still seeing this, are you logging the full response? There should be more details in the body of that error response.


@dadams I am continuing to see the error. Response is a 403 with the content being a basic Access Denied page with “Reference #18.aef354b8.1482515978.1a2ba295” if that means anything to you.


Thanks @mhp, I’ll need some other details so I’ll message you directly.


Hi, I am also receiving a 403 error when trying to fetch a given contact. The endpoint was working a few days ago. Here is the relevant request id: 9f0fe0d4e2da8b70a49324fec2941dda. According to the error the access token does not have the contacts scope, but querying for the token’s information indicates the opposite.


I am also seeing this as of 10:50 EST. Any details would be sincerely appreciated!


@psmith @cgalaiya This 403 response on the Contacts endpoint has been identified as a bug in our system. I will update the thread once we have more information. Thanks for reporting.


@psmith @cgalaiya this should be resolved now, let us know if you see anything else.


Things are looking great for us - thanks for the quick response.



I having a trouble "Client error: POST https://mydomain.zendesk....json resulted in a 403 Forbidden response: { “error”: { “title”: “Forbidden”, “message”: "You do not have access to this page. Please contact the account (truncated…) [details] { “error”: { “title”: “Forbidden”, “message”: “You do not have access to this page. Please contact the account owner of this help desk for further help.” } }

Can you help us,

Thanks a lot