Can the developers in HubSpot sort out this problem ?


Hi @constantine.adraktas,

The HubSpot Community Ideas Forum allows HubSpot users to share, upvote, and comment on feature requests. While our product teams regularly monitor the forum for ideas, they cannot guarantee that any specific request will be implemented.

I have already upvoted your idea and recommend encouraging fellow users to upvote and comment so that it gains more traction.


Thank you Isaac
In this case I am not proposing a new feature but rather HubSpot sorting out hyperlinks for the new Gmail taking one back to the relevant email as it was the case for the old Gmail

Best regards

Constantine Adraktas, MIT Alumnus


Hi @constantine.adraktas,

I understand your request, however it is still a product update. Since the developers must build something back into the tool given Google's change, the Ideas Forum is the best way to communicate and track the team's progress on such a feature.


It is a product update in terms of fitting a product for the old Gmail to the new Gmail

HubSpot connected to the new Gmail but forgot to put in the Hyperlinks a la the old Gmail


Dear Isaac

See attachment

End of suspense and I do not know how to uploaded in the relevant HubSpot blogs




Major goof up of HubSpot. What is the point of signing up with Google without the Hyperlinks ?