HubDB Calendar Options



We are using the calendar in HubDB on a form in our website. We would like to know 3 things:

  1. Can we change the format from YYYY-MM-DD to MM-DD-YYYY?
  2. Can we prevent the user from selecting a historical date
  3. Can we force the user to select a date that is at least 2 full business days ahead?


Hi @Heather_Anderson, are you asking whether you can change these formats in HubDB itself or on the form itself. If you're talking about doing these types of things on the actual form on your website, you can certainly do this type of validation with javascript: Are you using a HubSpot form or a custom form? Either method would require custom validation using JavaScript.

If you're asking if this type of formatting/filtering can be done in-app, no that isn't possible.