HubDB limit within hubl email template?



We have a client that wants to use form data to make tailored emails. Something that they are wanting would basically require there to be up to 10 HubDB requests per email sent and I was curious if there is some type of limit on HubDB used within hubl code. I know there is a limit when using the REST API, but I was unable to find out if this same limit applies for requests made in hubl templates.


I believe so. I asked support this yesterday and got the following response.

I see there are rate limits of 10 requests per second when working with your API’s and it looks like HubL requests to retrieve database rows get’s included in this limit. Can you please confirm this is the case.

Yes, the exact same rate limits of 10 requests per seconds and 40,000 request per day will apply to the HubDB API mentioned in this documentation here.

This is really limiting. I can understand limits for API’s but not for data driven websites uisng HubL + HubDB. If they had some form of caching layer/functionality built into the platform that would be ok but they don’t (that i’m aware off).