HubDB REST API get json data with jQuery


I am trying to do a simple list of data of logos with links but am not sure how to get the object values. My databases has 3 rows and when i do a consol.log of data I see the three objects but it shows sub object of "values"

Could someone please show me how to drill down to this level of the data without showing copies of the records? It should only show 3 images instead of 3 copies of each..

Here is a codpen of what I have so far. Thank you!


Hi @JacobLett,

Apologies for the delayed response. You can remove the duplicates by commenting out the second loop: for (var property in object) {}, as shown in this screencast.

I'm not really sure what you mean by drilling down into the object values. Clicking the images lead to the links you have set. Isn't that the behavior you're looking for?


Thank you very much @Isaac_Takushi for your help and going the extra mile with the screencast. I can march forward now!