HubDB tables (sorting, saving, and visualization)


Some questions and suggestions on using HubDB tables.

  1. Is there a way to sort rows by most recently added?
    —currently when we add a new row it appears at the bottom of the table. Our client would like a way to have new entries appear at the top of the table.
    —Sorting functionality by column would be extremely helpful, and could include sorting by date added.
  2. Hard Save — currently experiencing issues with the “auto save” functionality when adding a new row to table. New rows are not actually being saved and our client has to re-enter the information. Is it possible to add an actual save button to ensure rows get saved on completion?
  3. It would be helpful to add a way to highlight the row you are working on with a different color so that your eye doesn’t get lost in another row.


you can insert a queryparam like this

{% set queryparam = “&orderBy=your_date_field” %}
this is and ascending order from older date to most recent
{% set queryparam = “&orderBy=-your_date_field” %}
this is and descending order from recent to older date