HubL how to remove all html formatting pulling in post content for teaser


I have a Blog template using this HubL code:

{{ topic_post.post_list_content|safe }}

This pulls in the post content (not sure what safe is really doing) but it truncates it after first paragraph. The issue is that all links are pulling in, so I want to remove all the formatting from the content teasers I am pulling in.

What is the HubL variable I can add to remove all HTML formatting so <a href> code does not pull in?


I found a solution right after I submitted the question, here is a " | striptags" HubL filter:


Strip SGML/XML tags and replace adjacent whitespace by one space.

Example: Strip any HTML markup that may have been added in the comments form

on this article:

After applying this filter, it stripped the HTML tags:

{{ topic_post.post_list_content|safe|striptags }}