HubL not parsed in RSS API response


Hi, I'm trying to export my blog and was using the API to get the posts. From what I can see, there are 6 separate endpoints to get the post body:

post_body (2)
rss_body (2)

We have CTAs in all our blog post bodies, and it makes sense that the post_body show HubL, especially from within the platform, but it seems strange none of these have a HubL - parsed post body.

It would definitely make sense for one of these to show the final body as the rss.xml feed does:

I can write my own parser and import that way, but before I go down that road I wanted to check if HubSpot had a way to get the final post body of these +900 posts without needing to do that.

Example response


Hey @John_Lamb, you're referring to the fact that CTAs aren't parsed as in they show up as HubL ({{cta('fa9b0f2b-3455-4cd3-975d-77d367c90fc3')}}) right? If so, I'm not aware of any way to parse these automatically. It would be a good enhancement to the APIs, so I'm going to raise this internally. I'd recommend posting in the ideas forum too:, but I'll see what the team says. If I remember correctly, we should v3 content endpoints coming out soon.


Sounds good - i ended up writing a quick tool to convert to html and that worked, if it does get added lmk!