Hubsport + drift integration not working


so i-m trying to integrate drift into hubspot

i have a paid plan on drift, and i-m clicking the connect account link from Drift, it launches a new page into hubspot (where i-am logged in as the ONLY sole user, the administrator account of course) and it says:

Uh oh!

You do not have the correct role to grant these permissions. Please contact your administrator.

Please help me, i want to integrate these 2 apps

Thank you


Same here. I talked with both HubSpot and Drift and got nothing from support.



That error either means that the user installing the integration isn’t an admin, or that the portal doesn’t have access to the scopes necessary to install the integration. This particular integration is built and supported by Drift; I’d recommend reaching out to them for support. The blog post below has some Drift support info:


Nothing to do with HubSpot here, as drift provide script and that you need to add on header or footer in content setting, that’s it so no error should be from HubSpot end if you are getting issue


Hi Derek_Gervais,

It turns out you need to be a Super Admin for it to work. I was just a lowly admin.