Hubspot account for testing javascript API


Hi there,

I'm developing a chatbot's solution for lead generation and some of our customers want us to integrate hubspot. I am consequently planning to integrate JavaScript events API directly in my frontend but I need to properly test them with an HubSpot account. Is there any sandboxes (fake account filled with fake data) that developers can use to test their integrations ? If I properly understood, I don't need to create a developer application since every interaction will use the HubSpot (_hsq) directly in our clients websites ?

Regarding to this

Please note: Events will only be processed for accounts with an Enterprise Marketing subscription.

I'll need a fully featured sandbox' account

Thank you


Hi @pierreclr,

You can create test portals from your developer portal. if you don't have a developer portal, see here:

If you already have a dev portal, check out the following article on creating test portals: