Hubspot Admin Dashboard issue


When I am updating my portal to new design manager, it is appearing like this.

I have tried with all browsers chrome, mozilla, safari. But it is showing me like the above image.

Any suggestions on how to sort this.


Hi @herry, this question would likely be better suited for support as they can go in and hop on a screenshare with you to reproduce what's going on. Have you reached out there or were you referred here by them? If you were referred by them can you send over your ticket number?


Hi @Connor_Barley

I have test account on hubspot in which support is not available.


Got it, thanks for letting me know @herry. What is the HubID of your test account? And which operating system and version are you using? Looks like this issue has been reported for other HubSpot customers so I can update you when we're able to get a fix out.


Hi Connor,

This is hubid: 3842677
and I am using windows operating system.

Even if I open any other accounts(they are paid one), it gave same issue.



Thanks @herry! Which version of Windows are you on?


Hi @herry, the development team is still looking into possible fixes on our end. We've been getting reports of this bug on some Windows 7 machines. The only known workaround right now is to do a clean reinstall of the OS, or to upgrade to Windows 10. Thank you!


Hi Connor

I have already reinstalled OS but this issue is still there.


Hi @herry, we don't have a fix at the moment. The only thing we can suggest that has been proven to work is to install Windows 10. Otherwise, you'll need to wait until we find a fix


okay , Thanks for help and update