Hubspot Analytics Tracker included twice



All pages hosted by Hubspot (blog, landing pages…) include the Hubspot Analytics tracker.

Something like:

<!-- Start of HubSpot Analytics Code -->
<script type="text/javascript">
var _hsq = _hsq || [];
_hsq.push(["setContentType", "listing-page"]);
_hsq.push(["setCanonicalUrl", "..."]);
_hsq.push(["setPageId", "..."]);
_hsq.push(["setContentMetadata", {
    "contentPageId": null,
    "legacyPageId": null,
    "contentGroupId": ...,
    "abTestId": null,
    "languageVariantId": null,
    "languageCode": null
_hsq.push(["setTargetedContentMetadata", []]);</script><script type="text/javascript" id="hs-script-loader" async defer src="//"></script><!-- End of HubSpot Analytics Code -->

Because we also want to integrate tracker (that also include Hubspot tracker), I have some few questions.

  1. Is is OK or a problem to include twice the tracker on the same page?
  2. If not OK, can we remove the inclusion of the tracker by Hubspot? (so that I can use the Segment’s integration)
  3. If not, do you have any work around? Javascript code?