Hubspot and Segment integration. Not all data is sent from Segment to Hubspot


Hi, we’re sending events and other data to HubSpot from a variety of sources, our app (via Segment), Intercom, and some others. Although we send data from Segment to Kissmetrics (web analytics tool).

One day I’ve decided to compare data in Kissmetrics and Hubspot and found that nearly 25-30% of data isn’t reached Hubspot, but in Kissmetrics we have this data. So we can have 100 leads in Kissmetrics with phone numbers and only 70 in Hubspot.

All data about leads is sent with one event and we’ve tried to catch it in Segment. I’ve tried to find accounts that complete event in Segment but data isn’t reached hubspot. First 50 accounts that completed event reached Hubspot with all data. I’ve repeated this action in 3 hours and 11 accounts in a row hadn’t reached hubspot (some of them weren’t even created). I’ve made research of leads with empty data and I think that sometimes Integration doesn’t work for some time and events aren’t sent.

Can somebody please help us with this? We’ve written Segment support too but problem isn’t still fixed.


@Eugene Do all of your leads have email addresses associated to them? HubSpot contacts require an email address as it is the unique identifier for a contact record. Do you know what data isn’t getting to HubSpot? Is it a contact as a whole or parts of it?


@pmanca Yes, all leads have email adresses associated to them. These empty leads have only email and no other properties. The data that Hubspot isn’t getting is sent via events (Company Size, Company Name, Phone etc.). It happens not selectively. Sometimes all is working and in some time data isn’t sent.


@Eugene Do you get any sort of error message back when they do not pass over in your testing?


No, no errors. We just don’t receive some data, but we don’t see errors.


@Eugene Do you have a log of the http response codes from the calls? You should be receiving all 200 codes then.


@pmanca I’ve asked Segment about it.
Maybe the problem can be in API limits? On this page ( I see that limit is 40000 requests per day. Can you please check our limits?


@Eugene The API limit for everyone is 40k/day unless you have the API add-on which is then 160k/day. With out knowing which company you work for I am unable to check if you have the add-on or not. You can PM me your portal ID or not and I can check if you’d like.


I’m having a similar issue, where my event is firing, email is included, and segment is receiving the event – but it’s never being sent to HubSpot…


We have the same issue. We bought the API add-on, and were told that would fix our issue, now we are still hitting our limit 160k per day later. We are beyond frustrated as we cannot go live and kill intercom and other redundant systems as a result, and spent additional dollars with no improvement.