HubSpot API / Get value of "hs_lead_status" in contacts list



When I make a request to the URL “GET / contacts / v1 / lists / all / contacts / all” I get a list of contacts with the data.
But, not all the information displayed.
I want to get the value parameter “hs_lead_status” (see:
This can be done?

Please help resolve the issue.



Hi @Alexey_Maksimov

You can include specific properties in the response using the property= parameter in the request URL. You can include the parameter multiple times to include multiple properties.


Hi @David

I want to get the value of “Lead Status”, when requesting a list of contacts.
for example :

I tried to add different parameters in the query.
But the parameter “Lead Status” could not get.


You need to make sure that you’re using the name (not the label) for the property, but otherwise you’d just need to add that to the URL:

Keep in mind that contacts will only include that property if they have a value set, so it’s possible that new records without a status won’t have that property.


Hi @David
Thanks for the answer.
I would like to ask one more question.

The authentication method ( OAuth or API keys) can affect to the parameter “hs_lead_status”?


The authentication method shouldn’t affect the call, you’d be able to get that property with either an API key or OAuth token.