Hubspot API issue


I am programming an application connected to the Hubspot API I have a form created with ID fb8857fd-e591-40ce-8c1b-10530XXXXXXX my code is in PHP but when I save the variables of the Hubspot form it only saves 6 of the 9 fields that I configured, How can I fix it?

Best regards.


Hi Jorge

So you're passing the values to HubSpot via the API but only some are being recorded is that correct?

Does the form email you on submission and if so, are the variables coming through with [square brackets] wrapped around them? This can happen if the form fields in HubSpot don't correspond with the fields you're passing from the form so it shows it received them but doesn't know where to put the date.

You need to double check as things like "Company Name" are actually "company" in HubSpot so that might be where it's going wrong for example.