HubSpot API Not Working Account Wide



Hello- I am reaching out in a desperate attempt for help.

HubSpot Support has confirmed that the API status is “offline” on our entire account. None of our integrations are working due to having no API on HubSpot’s side. All support agents are acting baffled and they have no idea why or how this is happening. It is crippling our team because we rely heavily on API to use third party integrations Also due to this the 0auth is not working either.

. Every day that passes it costs us additionally hundreds of dollars, manual data entry and we are getting more behind every day. I have been working with HubSpot Support for 2 full days, going on 3 days with no help, answers, or follow-up. This is the worst part, of it all to not know what is going on or get updates. As a customer that is paying $2,000.00 per month and has 40,000 API calls a day available on my account, I find it very disturbing that this is happening and that there is no response from support.

I am reaching out here for help and to ask how does this happen? Any idea of what I can expect until it get’s fixed?



Hi @clean_machine,

Can you give me more details about the issue? Some useful information to have would be your Hub ID and the case number of any existing support tickets you have open.


Sure, sent you a message.