Hubspot API Not Working


Good Afternoon,

Our Hubspot API stopped functioning from Salesforce to Hubspot.

Do I need to create a new API Key?



Hi, @dferrara. If you’re talking about HubSpot’s native connector for Salesforce, that won’t use any API key you might use for custom development. That uses OAuth to validate whichever Salesforce user’s credentials you’ve defined in HubSpot. The Salesforce connector settings page in-app in HubSpot should contain information about the nature of the suspension.


I am talking about the Hubspot API


What suspension? I have no idea of any suspension?


This is my code and the API key is on line 4 if there problem with the key, how do generate a new key.

public class HubSpotHandler
// lead owner would be changed to the user who clicked the button -04/27/2016
protected String HAPIKey=‘REDACTED’;
protected String API_PATH;
protected String API_VERSION;
protected String PATH_DIV = ‘/’;
protected String PROD_DOMAIN = ‘’;

public HubSpotHandler(ApexPages.StandardController sc)
@future (callout=true)
public static void createCompanies(String accId)
    String HAPIKey='**REDACTED**';
    Account Acc=[Select name, description, BillingCity,BillingCountry,BillingPostalCode,BillingState,BillingStreet,Entity_Title__c,
    DBA__c, Deal_stage__c, Hunt_stage__c, Vantage_Score__c, Action_Required__c, Fax_In_App__c, email_address__c, Email_Address_2__c,App_Out_Date__c, App_In_Date__c,


Hi @dferrara,

Can you give me some more information on the error you’re seeing? Any full error logs would be great. Additionally, I would recommend against including your API key on any post/topic here, since this is a public forum. I’ve removed it from your last post, but since it was visible here for ~18 hours you might consider generating a new key.


Hi Derek,

I think it had something to do with DNS our server was down and probably
had not updated. Everything is good now Derek.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Dan Ferrara
IT Manager
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