Hubspot API Sandbox


Is there a way to setup a proper sandbox for the API to test endpoint data and confirm information being is transmitted correctly?


@Tidyl If you set up a developer portal you can set up a test portal that is connected to it. The test portals last about 90 days.


I need a longer term solution than that. That will break the test suite if it disappears.


@Tidyl You can refresh the test portal for it to last another 90 days. This refresh is not automatic though and needs to be done manually. If that still doesn’t provide you with the type of solution you need then my apologies, as at the moment that is all that HubSpot has for sandboxes.


What sandbox endpoint should be for create new contact? ?


Hi @Denis_Makarenko,

There are no "sandbox endpoints," just the public endpoints used with test (sandbox) portals. If you wish to create a new contact, use this endpoint.

I will close this topic now as it's quite old, but feel free to start a new topic if you have follow-up questions, Denis.