Hubspot API save 6 of the 9 fields that I need


I am programming an application connected to the Hubspot API I have a form created with ID fb8857fd-e591-40ce-8c1b-10530XXXXXXX my code is in PHP but when I save the variables of the Hubspot form it only saves 6 of the 9 fields that I configured, How can I fix it?

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Hi @Jorge_Antonio_Torres,

Can you give me some more information? Are you submitting a custom form to the forms API? Are some of the values not appearing on a HubSpot contact record? Can you give me any example requests/contacts/etc. so that I can troubleshoot the issue?


Hi Derek, I created a form in my dashboard and them I used this code, in my form I put 9 field but when I submit the form the record just 6 field, I checked each name field and all these are correct. So tell me I'm wrong.

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Hi @Jorge_Antonio_Torres,

Sorry for the delay here, this topic slipped under my radar. Can you send me a link to the form in HubSpot so that I can take a look at the raw submissions data?


Hi @Derek_Gervais Im using this url: tell me if you need another data for me.

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HI @Jorge_Antonio_Torres,

I actually needed a link to the form you created in HubSpot, so that I can check out the submissions. I wasn't able to to find your portal based on the page you linked; Could you send me a link to your portal, preferably to the edit page of the form we're working on?