HubSpot API Secondly Limit


I am seeing this error for the first time today:

HubSpot API. Message: You have reached your secondly limit. JSON Output: {“status”:“error”,“message”:“You have reached your secondly limit.”,“errorType”:“RATE_LIMIT”,“correlationId”:“6828d000-3d2f-4701-8d90-b21e53b0d005”,“policyName”:“SECONDLY”,“requestId”:“ce6a6a91-ac17-492f-bbdb-7d72477c319c”}

This is coming from a script that syncs the HubSpot contents to our homegrown system using API calls. It retrieves latest from Contacts, Companies and Deals until the last recorded last updated timestamp. It used to run every 5 minutes without issues up until today. Is there any new HubSpot API policies been enforced now? What does this mean?

Deal API Rate Limit

@CSIJad we rolled out rate limiting on our APIs on Monday that limit calls to 10/sec. You’ll need to throttle your calls to prevent going over that limit. Please note that unlike hitting a daily limit, you may try the request again after waiting 1 second.



@seb_fairchild did you change the secondly limit yesterday? We started getting these errors for the first time across a large group of customers. We had a job with 1000 records, 30% of them failed due to the secondly error, but we were only processing 2 records per second.


@lynton there was a change to the secondly limit specifically for apps using OAuth yesterday. The 10 requests per second limit mentioned on our API usage guidelines will also be applied to requests using OAuth, where previously that limit wasn’t previously enforced.

The limit is per second per portal, so you can make >10 requests per second across multiple portals, but 10 requests for any specific portal.

If you’re limiting requests to 2 per second, your app shouldn’t have noticed a difference here. If you can message me with a specific Hub ID that you saw problems with and your App ID I can take a closer look for you.