Hubspot API / Store and inject HTML into Blog Template


Overall, we need to keep the header and footer of the hubspot blog consistent with that of the wordpress site that the hubspot blog is integrated into.

We already have the hubspot blog designed and integrated. at the moment, we are storing static markup in specific template within hubspot COS. and the template is included into the final design so that the end desired result is achieved. But we want to automate the retrieval from wordpress and update in hubspot.

The objective is to develop a small and simple standalone process that can be executed via cronjob that will will make a call to a wordpress url (one for the header and one for the footer). The response for each will contain it’s respective header (or footer) markup that will then need to be stored within it’s respective template within the hubspot COS.

The question (and reason for this posting) is to request help/guidance as to where we can store this within hubspot so that we can retrieve and inject the markup into the final template design/blog that is rendered. All ideas (or even hacks) welcome.