Hubspot API Success Status Codes


In the Hubspot API Docs, there is an article which gives a list of error status codes returned:

Is there any article for a list of success status codes? If not, is 200 always returned for a successful response?

Kindly clarify. Thanks


@Saravanan90 We normally return a 200 or a 204. Each endpoint will have the success code in the documentation.


Thanks for the response @pmanca

I was also expecting for success status codes in all the end points, but success code could not be found for all.

Take for eg. getContact by email endpoint:

It covers the error status code but not the success status code.


@Saravanan90 Thanks for the find. That endpoint returns a 200. I’ll make sure the documentation gets updated to reflect that.


Thanks @pmanca Wish to see the documentation reflected with success status code(s) of all end points.


@Saravanan90 i’ll let you know when the docs are updated.