Hubspot API using PUT not working in VB.NET


When I run the following URI in Fiddler with the accompanying json in the body, it works perfect and unsubscribes the contact. However when I do this is VB.NET with the following code, it does not work and yet returns no error. I use this same VB.NET method to access another Hubspot API in order to update a contacts information with no problems, only it is a “POST” not a “PUT”. Is there a different way I should be doing a “PUT”?

Using wc As New WebClient()
     wc.UploadString("" & email & "?hapikey=mySecretHapiKey", "PUT", "{""unsubscribeFromAll"": true}")
End Using


I found the problem. Just in case anyone else runs into this issue, just add a header:

wc.Headers(HttpRequestHeader.ContentType) = "application/json"