Hubspot Contact API createOrUpdate endpoint not reliable



Just noticed that the Hubspot Contact API createOrUpdate endpoint is not reliable! Noticed something similar previously when using the API, but was related with Hubspot processing times and had to wait for several seconds to minutes but the updated data will eventually show up. For the current feature, where I update a property through the createOrUpdate endpoint, this fails (or, at least a 5 minutes wait was not enough to see the latest updated property value), given that the request to the endpoint returns a status 200!

I'm attaching a use case with a video demo so that it's clear to everybody, otherwise, it's hard to believe. The following example is a successful request that returns status 200 OK response. The docs here ( )

  1. During the test look at property "investment status" or "investment_status"

  2. Sucess response for POST to createOrUpdate endpoint

  3. The Hubspot panel does not show the latest property value correctly, waited for several minutes and nothing, done enough page refresh:

  4. Copy the http request as cURL

  5. Paste the cURL command to the terminal and ran resulting in the same status 200 response

  6. The hubspot property value is displayed

For now, I can just send the same request twice, but that doesn't seem a very proper way to deal with this situation.

I'm going to have to double check everything on my side, but this seems to be a bug on hubspot side of things?


Just noticed in the history that there's middle process in the middle, a workflow.
I'm not a Hubspot admin/user, just developing some requirements, so I have to report this to my colleague who created the workflow.