HubSpot contact properties via Segment API



We are using Segment to add custom properties to contacts. Segment has been working with us and tells us that they are making the call to HubSpot API in the following format:

  "url": "",
  "method": "GET",
  "qs": {
    "_a": "2532477",
    "email": "",
    "_n": "Testing",
    "requested_quote": "true"
  "_formData": null,
  "header": {
    "User-Agent": ""

Other Segment calls to HubSpot API are working, so I don’t believe this is an authentication issue. We have set up the property on the contact.

The custom property setting through segment tracking events has never worked for us, but somehow it seems to be working for other clients and HubSpot is not returning any errors.

What are some of the other things we can try?