HubSpot Contacts Salesforce Integration | Dropdown to Open Text Field



I have this field in HubSpot

It is a dropdown field.

The corresponding field in Salesforce is an “Open Text Field”.

I wish to map them. While I know if I make the salesforce field a picklist, mapping can be done. But, I still wish to map

Dropdown to Open text.

Please propose how to do this.


Hi @Rajagopalan_C,

It’s not possible to map two properties with different property types. The field types must match for data to sync between HubSpot and Salesforce without error.


You can map a Hubspot dropdown to a Salesforce text field (in that direction). Ignore the warning - it’ll work as long as the options follow your text field validations.

You may have some unwanted results when free text that’s not a dropdown option originates from Salesforce and syncs back into Hubspot. It’ll create new options for the Hubspot property for each unique text value. Depending on who/how the field is being used, it could get out of control. (speaking from experience)