HubSpot cookie not passing to Segment


We use Segment and pass our form fill data from our proprietary database to Segment, to HubSpot. It’s not passing the HubSpot cookie however. Our Engineering Team would prefer not to use the HubSpot API for the forms. We’re wondering whether there’s another way to pass the HubSpot cookie via Segment and why it’s not already passing it since the rest of the Contact data is coming through just fine. Ideally, Segment would collect the email and HubSpot cookie for any form fill on our site and pass that directly into HubSpot by creating an event.


Hi @Jon_F,

I’m not particularly familiar with the Segment API, and I haven’t heard of using Segment to collect form submissions. Have you reached out to Segment support for assistance with this? I’ve included the HubSpot destination documentation from Segment below, for reference:


Hi Derek,
Yes, Segment support said: “Hubspot integration does not pass the Hubspot cookie. We use the Hubspot API to map the user traits to Hubspot.”